In PicoPhysics, Energy is clearly defined as rate of consumption of Space by contained Knergy of matter. Unary law ‘Space contains Knergy’ can be read as affinity of Space to posses Knergy. The Space affinity to possess Knergy is the motive force that results in dynamic universe. The result is Unary interaction between Space and Knergy.  In PicoPhysics all changes are driven by interaction of Knergy with Space. Conservation of energy (as in contemporary physics) is a interaction specific result unary interaction.  Conservation of energy is not needed to aPicoPhysicstddress the confinement of particle in nucleus with energy exchange particles. The concept of space is more envolved in PicoPhysics than contemporary physics. The presence of contained Knergy introduces heterogeneity in space. Heterogeneity of space makes us look at space from two prespectives. One geomatrical, the other real Space. To keep the situation close to human Intution, Kambhar (an ether like substance) is hypothesized. Kambhar now hosts Anti-Konservation properties of space. The Geomatric space is now close to Space as identified by Human Intuition. The geomatric space filled with Kambhar substitutes for real heterogenous space. The heterogeneity of space is attrubuted to varying Kambhar density.


Conserved Energy also defines inertial mass. The occupied geometric volume of object decreases with increase in its speed. This results in increased Konserved Knergy density in the particle. The space consumption rate being proportional to square of the Knergy density, the net result is increase in rate of Space consumption by contained Knergy. This increase in consumption in Space has to be supplied by replacement of space, by Space external to particle (Affinity of Space to occupy Knergy). External Space has to adjust into a different relaxation state. The time constant for this relaxation of Space is very high – as can also be judged from low value of Hubble constant. The mutual interaction between the need to change rate of Space consumption and slow relaxation rate of Space results to resistance of the Knergy particle to change in speed. Inertial mass is a measure of this resistance.


The increased consumption of space, must be offset by decreased consumption in associated interacting object. When the two increases and decrease offset each other, slow response of space, does not affect change. Energy of the system space encompassing interacting objects is thus conserved.


The slow relaxation of space, also results in collapse of Space around mass particles onto particles themselves. This is seen as gravitation affect. Thus two affects of inertia and gravitation are related to each other. They have there origin to interaction of Knergy with space. The proportionality between inertial and gravitational masses with suitable definition of units, make them same.

Picophysics explain Inertial and Gravitational mass properties of matter as above.



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