Unary Interaction

Knergy is konserved. Quantization is a pre-requisite of Konservation. Interaction of Knergy with space is studied in PicoPhysics. Individual knergy quant are  Natural Unit objects of identity “Knergy”. The question about creation and destruction is not relevant for Knergy; a konserved identities. Space contains Knergy – The unary law defines the property of space. The important properties of space include it’s three dimensions,  affinity to posses knergy and  power to hold on to Pico-PhysicistsKnergy before being consumed by it. Knergy moves in space at constant speed.

The presence of knergy in space introduces singularities.  The heterogeneous space causes change in drift direction of knergy as it traces a continuous path through heterogeneous space. The only interaction possible between space & Knergy  is change in drift direction of knergy. The is known as Unary Interaction in PicoPhysics.

The unary interaction between space and knergy provides the basis for all interactions involving space and knergy. All phenomenon of nature are related to Unary Law through Unary Interaction

The change in drift direction as a result of space heterogeneity causes Knergy to be localized into mass particles as well as explain the property of these particles. The formation mass particles is covered in Level-II series of discussions.

This is last of level-I discussions on PicoPhysics. Most important concepts have been evolved & discussed here. The concept of Kambhar is seen as a concept created to reconcile picophysics thought processes with human intution.

Too review full discussion click Unary Interaction here.



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