5-Dimensional Universe

Unary law requires space and knergy to be handled together as 5-Dimesnional Univers. The reasoning behind this 5-dimensional representation of Unary law is described in an essay submited in FQXi’s 2012 Essay Contest ‘Questioning the Foundations. Due to rules of inclusion of essay in the competition, not full text of first draft could be included in the submission. The draft as well as essay accepted into the competition is attached at the end of this discussion.

A Pico-PhysicstHuman inquisitive search for order in nature led to evolution of abstractions on nature. Among the powerful abstractions are Space, Energy and Nominal Numbers. They form subject matter of this essay. The terms observation and observer share there meaning with measurement and ‘reference frame’ among others. Space is affiliated to frame of reference. Conservation includes neutralization when applied to charge Vs mass where no neutralization is experienced. Energy is affiliated to Conservation and measurement with nominal numbers. In this essay we propose a re-alignment of relationship between these abstractions and introduce a new term Anti-Konservation as defining characteristic of space. By doing so we overtly do away with legacy of fixed (no change) space carried from Cartesianism. The benefits include a 5-D view of universe ‘Space contains Energy’ and integration of many fundamental laws with explanation for some astronomical observations.

We discuss more substantiative issues on next model – ‘Model of Universe’ which includes the three basic processes governing change in the universe.

First Draft for 5-Dimensional Universe. To view press here Draft 5-D Universe.

Published version is here: 5-D Universe



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