Model of Universe

Pico-Physics  is based on Unary Law ‘Space contains Knergy’. Three dimensions of space are explained based on requirements placed on space to contain Knergy. The only reason for space to exist is to contain Knergy. So there shall be a possibility of 3-Dimensional space to possess Knergy. This needs three native processes for space to possess Knergy. A Pico-PhysicstIn the accepted model,  three processess are distribution, displacement and anti-Konservation (Creation and affinity to possess knergy and Consumption). This leads to a modeling of universe based on 5-dimensions. These dimensions being three cartisan dimensions of space and two dimensions (Energy and Samay) of Knergy. Time (that is a measure of distance between events) is synonimous with Samay (that is a measure of distance between instants – defined by Konservation) when measured by stationery clocks. This leads us to modeling universe as 3-D space part of which is occupied by Energy moving at unit speed [1].  The 5-Dimensional model of universe is a model, that encompases both Knergy and Space. It is therefore an alternative definition of Unary Law.

Knergy is Konserved (Conservation minus neutralization). This leads to natural unit for Knergy to exist. The amount of Knergy in any bounded region will be an integer multiple of this unit. This unit is identified with planks constant. Thus all of the Knergy in the universe exists as photons. Konservation of Knergy can also be seen as tracability and countability of photons[2] in a region.

The mapping of Samay dimension onto Euclidian dimensions of space, makes all dimensions of 3-D space identical and make them inter-changeable & measurable in same units. In addition it assigns a natural relation-ship between unit of measure for spatial dimension and Samay (measured by stationery clocks)[3]. This establishes the constancy of drift speed of Knergy to all observers using stationery clock to provide the unit of chronological measure.

Space is not Konserved. The process of Anti-Konservation is consumption by Knergy and creation in space. The rate of creation can be derived from Hubble’s constant.  It is consumed by Knergy present. The 5-Dimensional model of universe, then gives us an important relation between Knergy and Energy, Ed=Kd2, where Kd is Knergy density and Ed Energy density with respect to 3-D space. Energy represents the rate of consumption of space by Knergy. It is dependant on occupied 3-D space volume.  The volume depends on photon dimension in drift direction[4]. In this realtion, Knergy density replies to field strength in Energy carrying electromagnetic field.

An observation is understood as projection[5]of reality on observer.   A frame of reference can be attached to any confined object in which it is at rest. Object identification, measurement and concluding sections of an observation are analysed, to complete understanding of Anti-Konservation.  Space as an object can be perceived with density characteristic which is also a function of observer. Space density is understood as a ratio between observer and object. It is also seen as ratio of drift speed of Knergy in unencumbered space to drift speed in object’s environments.

The space density is identified with Knergy without Konservation. Kambhar – a universally prevailing substance (synonymous with Space) is proposed. It has two states of existence. In one state, it possesses Knergy. In this state it is observed to drift at unit speed. When it does not possess Knergy, it is not Konserved and represents space density. This modification to 5-Dimension model of universe can be comprehended by human intuition.

Since, Energy is always observed positive, Kambhar density can be positive or negative. It provides us with two states of anti-Konserved Kambhar. The equation Ed=Kd12 + Kd22 and Kd=  sqrt (Kd12 + Kd12). These equations indicate the anti-Konservation of space is passed on to Kambhar when it carries Konserved Knergy in terms of total Kambhar amount or composition of Kambhar carrying Knergy.

The identification of space with density makes us conceive space in terms of real space and geometric space in our discussion. Space affinity to possess Knergy, is seen as the natural motive force that drives Space-Knergy dynamics. This completes modeling of universe in PicoPhysics.

The affinity of Space (Kambhar) to possess Knergy drives changes in the universe rather that conservation principle in mainstream physics. This makes PicoPhysics a deterministic theory. Conservation principles are derived results in PicoPhysics and uncertainty principles are interpreted differently. They originate from Unary law due to natural unit for Konserved Knergy.

[1] Implications: Energy always moves with unit speed. It does not matter how and where it is confined. Confinement of this Energy moving at constant speed in specific region of space is the only feasibility to view the motion other than at constant speed.

[2] Implications: The energy of photon can appear different to different observers, but number of photons in a congregation will remain same. Objects are identified with photon count rather than energy.

[3] Implications: This establishes the constancy of drift speed of Knergy to all observers using stationery clock as unit of chronological measure. This is speed of light in un-encumbered space.

[4] Implications: The Energy of photon depends on its size in the drift direction. The other two dimensions do not affect the Energy content of photon.

[5]  Implications: The observer is frame of reference attached to a receiver-object. A transmitter is the object which transmits information from participation in an interaction. There exists no means to compare different areas of frame of reference (3-D space), except by monitoring drift of Knergy in those areas. The 5-D universe mapping time onto drift direction makes the space appear uniform and homogenous to the observer.



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