Konservation and Knergy

Whenever, we think about energy, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘it is conserved’.  The concept of conservation predates human intellect. Birds return to there nests with the belief that they will find nest on return. Natural Conservation of objects in daily life Pico-Physicistsand human sensory organs helped develop this concept. Conservation concept is invariance in measure of parameter of an object subject to natural forces acting to change other parameters.

The concept of Konservation in Pico-Physics is on measure of substance contained in an object. Konservation is applied Knergy in Pico-physics. All matter and particle exist due to existence of this Knergy in them. The two ‘Energy & Knergy’ are independent concepts.

Knergy is Konserved, while Energy is Pseudo Konserved. The infinite order of an identity defines limitations on power of observer to observe the identity. This limitation is based on units of observation available to observer. General observer even without any environment specific limitations has basic limitations;

  1. Unable to measure identities with a gap of 2 or more infinite order with same unit.
  2. Unable to directly experience & measure mutual conversion of linked non-Konserved identities

These along with deficient technology and knowledge about nature constitute the limitations that may exist on observer.

A mapping density function is defined for mapping two linked identities with different infinite order. This function is different than other mathematical relationships. It enables quantitative evaluation of a non-Konserved identity. It also enables evaluation of  Konserved identities which differ with infinite order of unit by greater than 2 (=>2).

Click Konservation and Knergy to open pdf file containing discussion into browser window.



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