Higgs Bosons

I have packaged Unary Law as 5-Dimensional Universe essay to participate in FQXi essay contest. This entry is attached with this communication as PDF document. We are looking forward to its acceptance and availability for discussion.

In the meantime, Higgs Boson have become physical reality. Since Pico-Physics encompasses nature without classification of different area, it is natural for us to have a serious look at new discovery. This is subject matter of this discussion.Pico-Physicists

GERALD GURALNIK blog on FQXi Community on July 4,2012 announced the arrival of Higgs Boson as a physical reality. Some words in these blogs can be understood by Pico-Physicist. The use of phrase like ‘mass less unit spin photon’, ‘normal QED dynamically required a mass less photon’ indicates the physical constructs being forecasted as a result of theorized mathematical representations.

FRANK WILCZEK in his blog has amplified thought process behind postulating Higgs Bosons with following statement;  ‘To put these challenges in context, let me introduce another perspective on what the Higgs particle is: The Higgs particle is “The Quantum of Ubiquitous Resistance.” I’m referring here to a universe-filling medium that offers resistance to the motion of many elementary particles, thus producing what we commonly think of as their mass.’

He has elaborated it further with statement  ‘The Standard Model of physics—our best-yet model of the matter and forces that make our universe—requires, for consistency of its equations, that many of its ingredients are particles with zero mass. These particles should travel at the speed of light in empty space, but in reality, some of them—like quarks, leptons, and W and Z bosons—travel more slowly. What is slowing them down?

PHILIP GIBBS thru various FQXi Community blogs has kept us continuously informed  on discovered the Higgs Bosons. From his blogs, The Higgs Boson have 125 Gev of energy, 0 to 2 spin, and decay into two photons.

Simultaneity Vs Equivalence (PicoPhysics Vs Physics)

In 1970 we have written in a letter (Unpublished) to American Journal of Physics about interpretation of equation ‘E=Mc2‘ being simultaneity equation against equivalence, between mass and energy. The issue of concern is ‘if properties of inertia and gravitation are directly attributable to energy’.  It seems from above, the scientific community has continued to proceed on the basis of mass and energy being two separate realities.

PicoPhysics do not distinguish between mass and energy. The thought process in Pico-Physics is to unify divergence experiences of nature. Mainstream physics moves ahead with coding the experiences into mathematics equation for un-ambiguous communications.

The mathematical equations continue to represent the nature but interpretations may not. We can see this in interpreting ‘E=Mc2‘ from where originates the thinking of mass less particles of energy as well as Higgs Bosons. This thinking was exposed in blogs  at http://blog.vixra.org/2012/07/04/higgs-live-vixra-combinations/ and http://blog.vixra.org/2012/07/04/congratulations-its-a-boson/ .

A photon, that represent natural unit of Knergy, is the particle that exists. The self inflicted confinement due to gravitation, bundles multiple photons into a confined region identified as particle in mainstream physics.  Photon is sometimes refered as  UCO – unit conserved object in PicoPhysics. Integer number of UCOs are confined into main stream particles. These particles have the limitation on observed speed being less that light speed due to vortex like flow of UCO inside the particle. So particles with mass have the speed of light as limit. Other feasibility on particle is to capture singularities in space as a particle. These particles have limited life time, and have no limitation of speed of light. Neutrino is one such particle that shall have no limit on speed.

Thus mass and energy are simultaneous in PicoPhysics. Property of inertia and gravitation is directly attributed to Knergy. Energy is a measure of these properties.

Understanding CERN results

First Attempt

PicoPhysics is sought to be presented in four parts. The first part covering basic concepts is now fully spelt out on  site.  Part two prepares ground and explains creation (Re-arrangement of energy into vortexes, with self-inflicted refraction) of elementary particle. Part three will cover extra nucleus part (Atomic structure) and electrodynamics.

The part four comes back to foundations. We need three units of measure to express physical identities. Plank’s constant as natural unit for Knergy is one of them. The current thought process leads us to consider electronic charge as the second natural unit and use unit drift speed of photon to define the third natural unit.

An attempt was made to view Higgs boson as defining one of the three natural units of nature. In response to Philip Gibbs blogCongratulations, It’s a Boson’ we explained the logic (July 5, 2012 at 11:27 am) for three dimension in following words;

Is it defining some sort of limit on energy of a single photon? Have we any knowledge of photons of magnitude greater than 80GEV being observed. May be a thick plastic scintillator can be used to detect such high energy photons.

Can this low value of wavelength provide us with natural unit of measuring the dimensions of space? If it is so; we will have all three units of dimensions naturally defined

Length – Higgs Boson
Time – Special theory of relativity thru constancy of speed of light
Energy – Planck’s constant (read with uncertainty principle.

PHILIP GIBBS gave us the information that ‘Photons from gamma ray bursts can have TeV scale energy.’

Obviously, Higgs Boson is not the one to define the sought after second natural unit. We are still left with Plank’s constant with others possible being electronic charge and Hubble’s constant. The completion of part 4 of picophysics needs to wait. After its completion, we shall be able to talk about quantities. Till than PicoPhysics will remain a theory of possibilities.

Second attempt

Next attempt at understanding Higgs Boson was communicated via PHILIP GIBBS’s  blog Congratulations, It’s a Boson’ on July 5, 2012 at 1:40 pm. We have previously identified Higgs Boson in discussion ‘PicoPhysics Concepts – Speculation and Abstraction’ distributed on January 24,2012. This is also attached for easy reference.

The understanding is based on previous integration of speed greater than light of Neutrinos. Neutrino’s were seen as partcles confining spent space (Low denisty space). Low vaue of Hubble’s constant does not allow space to be generated causing the particle persist for considerable time outsie the nucleus. Since the particle contains no Knergy, speed of light is irrelevant to the particle.

While Neutrino as space deficient particle originate from inside heavy particles (nucleus etc), Higgs Boson can be considered as space surplus particles generated as a result of fast approaching heavy particles compressing the space in-between. They will have persistence similar to Neutrino. The two particles Neutrino and Higgs Boson are now comparable with;

  1. Similarity: None of the particles  from this class carries matter
  2. Similarity: Speed of light does not have relevance as limitation on observed speed
  3. Difference: The energy flow is reverse than neutrino. In Neutrino energy flows along with displacement, or Higgs Boson it flows opposite to displacement
  4. Difference: For same energy carrying capacity, the size of Higgs Boson is much larger than that of neutrino
  5. Generation: Higgs Boson can only be generated when particles in motion collapse to a single point. Neutrino are generated inside the nucleus.

However, considering the high energy carried by Higgs Boson (125 Gev ~ 140 AMU), we have to discount the possibility of Higgs Boson being the particles with confined surplus space resulting from an intense inetraction.

So, even if we discount for Higgs Boson being particles carrying mass, no signifcant role can be assigned to them.

The third attempt (Refractive Image)

This is proposed to be  exposed to the FQXi Community using this discussion. It is described below;

Higgs Boson as Refractive image of colliding particles in head-on Photon-Photon Interaction.

In PicoPhysics – plank’s constant is natural unit of konserved reality Knergy. The secondary conservation of Space and Energy allows for creation and consumtion according to applicable laws. In a particle, the confined knergy is directed in all directions. In an interaction between two particles, one can be considered as object, the other observer. When they approch each other at speed of light, the contained konserved knergy (UCOs)  is set on head-to-head collision course.

In the CERN experiment, the head on collision may result in unit knergy from each particle seperating itself from the rest. Now as a result of high speed and limited amount of knergy, the total energy can devide itself in a limited number of combinations (based on geomatrical distribution of constituent unit objects – UCO).

The peaks and valleys in graphs from CERN experiment provided by PHILIP GIBBS in his blog may be counted for estimate of number of UCOs in reacting particles.

Global Higgs combination

Global Higgs combination from viXra Log by PHILIP GIBBS

In CERN experiment, the energy is large. The graviational affect due to presence of high energy photon (UCO) is not able to cause confinement, but a significant deflection of path of these photons. Thus the source of these particles appears to be different than colliding particle. This apparent source dislocation is similar to refraction (expanding spiral on loss of confinement with separation from mother particle, preceding decay into photons).

The appearance of Higgs Boson is the apparent image of colliding particle. The decay of higgs boson into two photons represent the gravitational force of attraction never exceeds the level to confine them into a particle (Confined Knergy).

If we can corroborate the above thinking, we will be able to identify the complex particles with equation;

Particle = Sum of terms nExT

Elementary Particle can be defined to be represented by single term. A complex particle is (nucleus, atom and may be alpha particle) defined by multiple terms.

Once ‘n’ is determined by experiments such as CERN, the value of ‘T’ can be estimated with known mass.  ‘T’ identifies the elementary particle and composition of complex particles such as nucleus can be based on this analysis.

The proof of this hypothesis is feasible, if the measurements are repeated at different energy of the incident particle. The pattern in terms of peaks and valleys shall remain essentially same, with corresponding shift  in energy.  (125Bev Peak).

The prominence of 125 Gev peak shall be reduced if experiment is conducted with particles accelerated to different energy levels.CERN experiment may make the internal structure of mainstream particles visible.

In PicoPhysics Higgs Boson will be a virtual particle, an image at the time UCOs tear apart overcoming gravitational force of attraction between them.


1. Presentation of Unary Law as 5-Dimensional universe as an entry in FQXi essay contest.5-D Universe ver01

2. Applying Unary law to understand nature, the unification process and change drivers   Concept Speculation & Abstraction



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