Picophysics give equal importance to observer, object and act of observation. At full capabilities; an observer identifies, interprets and integrates the experience with Pico-Physicistsaccessible knowledge base using cause-effect logic before the observation is recorded. Such an observer will include the detectors, instruments, data collectors, scientists, science journals and books, various hypothesis, laws and theories in science, and the scientific discourses. The first discussion in the concept series evolves concept observers as observers with defined observation power even if unlimited. The dependence on observation on contemporary knowledge makes us revaluate basics of science with the knowledge currently available to us.

Intuition plays an important role in recording an experience as a fact of observation. The next discussion centers on role of Intuition, Speculation & Abstraction in an observation. The basic processes of observation include Cross-fertilization and integration with existing knowledge base. By nature, object identification is first and important part of any observation. Speculation is part of object identification. Application of Abstraction on object movements resulted in development of numbers and science of arithmetic’s.

In the next important step is re-valuating current the numbers and arithmetic operators. Numbers Infinite, Zero and negative are evaluated for representing quantity of observed reality. The discussion on Pico Mathematics revaluates transfinite number set. It divides this series into multiple subset. Each set consists of infinite members, with difference between any two closest members being the first member of the set. The emphasis in PicoMath discussion is numbers for quantitative evaluation of reality in conjunction with a unit. Some new concepts are developed such as infinite order of a reality, conformal mapping as act of measurement, mapping identities with different infinite order, mathematical binding, multi dimensional number space providing a lookup value as a measure after mapping.

The last discussion in concept series is around Konservation and Knergy. The concept of Konservation is presented as conservation sans neutralization. Knergy replaces Energy as the identity who is Konserved. The properties Knergy inherets due to Konserved nature include traceability, Glue effect, Path continuity and quantization. In preparation for discussion on Unary law, A mapping density function is defined for mapping two linked identities with different infinite order. Concepts in PicoPhysics in chronological sequence of entry;

  1. Observation & Observer
  2. Intution, Speculation & Abstraction
  3. Pico Mathematics
  4. Konservation and Knergy



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