Unary Law Corollaries

Unary law is enunciated in two flavors. The Definition flavor  ‘Space contains Knergy‘ defines properties of space with respect to it’s interactions with Knergy. The Assertion flavor ‘Knergy Exists (in space)’ relates to the fact that Konservation denies creation or annihilation in any such interaction. There are six important corollaries to unary law. These are;

  1. – Space has three dimensions
  2. – Knergy moves at constant speed in space.
  3. – Time is progressive and unidirectional.
  4. – Knergy can be freely distributed in space.
  5. – Space has affinity to possess Knergy
  6. – Space devoid of Knergy is homogenous

Knergy, due to Konserved nature has no dimension (Zero infinte order identity). In

Pico-Physicistsobservation it is a constant quantity (Invariant). It has a natural unit of measure. An object (Space containing unit Knergy) continuously drifts in space with a constant speed. Unit object possess cylindrical symmetry. It’s size is determined by its spatial measure along the drift direction (length). The length is inversely proportional to Knergy density in the point object.

Click here Unary Law Corollaries To open for review full discussion.



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